DIXI 4 S Hydraulic Vertical Baler

With a compaction force of 4T - the proven, economical, hydraulic compact baler.
All of the equipment including the cylinder and baling straps, is integrated in the compact housing. Advantages: feeding from the top makes this a space-saving solution. Being visually attractive makes this baler suitable for areas frequented by the public. The small floor space required of approx. 0.7m2 allows the DIXI 4S to be placed in relatively narrow recesses.
Easy operation - high safety standard. Rapid compacting cycle, automatic ram return, low noise level.
Hold-down claws prevent stubborn materials from springing back.
Visual indicator to show when full bale size is reached.
Simple, low effort bale binding - low bale weight.
Slight V-shaped press champer aids in bale removal.
Sturdy, compact, low maintenance design.

Motor kW 1,5
Voltage V / Hz 230 / 50
400 / 50
Compaction force max. kN 40
Cycle time s 14
Compaction time s 9
Opening, width cm 60
Opening, height cm 48
Opening, height from floor cm 118
Bale dimensions, W/H/D cm 60 / 55 / 60
Bale weight of/to * kg 30 - 50
Overall dimensions W/H/D cm 76,5 / 142,5 / 93,5
Yhteispaino kg 350

* depending upon kind of material

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Adaptor to compact cans Bale trolley Mobile on castors

DIXI 4 S - Connection to every 230 V plug socket possible