DIXI 60 S Hydraulic Vertical Baler

60 t compaction force with a low overall height
The hydraulic vertical high performance baler with a compaction force of 60 tons produces economical and recyclable bales of up to 500 kg.
The low overall height of 219 cm, which can be reduced to 195 cm in next to no time, allows transport through any door.

Micro processor control without limit switch. Low maintenance design. LCD display.
The operating functions and possible operation errors displayed.
The programming of the bale size and switching the compaction pressure from paper to foil is possible.
Automatic start after closing the flap - rapid compacting cycles, automatic ram return.
Adjustable compaction time: material can be held under pressure.
Easy tie off of the bales through front positioned tying system. Hydraulic and complete bale ejection.
Generous designed hydraulics: high compaction force with low hydraulic pressure and low drive performance.

Motor kW 7,5
Voltage V / Hz 400 / 50
Compaction force max. kN 600
Cycle time s 36
Compaction time s 16
Opening, width cm 116
Opening, height cm 55
Opening, height from floor cm 118
Bale dimensions, W/H/D cm 120 / 80 / 110
Bale weight of/to * kg 340 - 500
Overall dimensions W/H/D cm 189 / 217 / 140
Gross weight kg 2430

* depending upon kind of material

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Explosion proof version Connection for dust extraction