DIXI SLK Horizontal Channel Baler

From 30 to 60 t compaction force The hydraulic channel baler with a fully automatic tie off system.

The SLK channel baling product range offers convincing details and is exceedingly adjustable.
The successful concept of the fully automatic DIXI SLK horizontal channel balers is based on a modular construction system and a high performance two stage hydraulic system: A short compaction cycle and a high compaction force are achieved by pre-compacting in the express operation and an after-compacting in the powerful main compaction operation. From 50t compacting force, the baling systems are fitted with a power regulated hydraulic aggregate. All important components can be modified perfectly to material and customer specific requirements as well as performance data. The integration into production sequences and the connecting to already existing feeding equipment is already prepared by a microprocessor control system. In addition, the space saving and solid compact construction and the easy maintenance are advantageous.

Micro Processor Controls with large LCD display
Extra large inlet hopper with light barrier control Adaptable performance Variable compacting force
Continuous baling
Automatic tie off DIXI high performance channel baling systems open up new perspectives for field specific solutions against waste (recycling) materials.

Waste materials in huge quantities and production recyclings require a log of handling time, absorb valuable warehouse spaces and cause considerable expenditures for transportation to the recycling facilities. An effective volume reduction with a powerful baling system allows a lowering of these uneconomical charges to a minimum. When designing the DIXI SLK channel baling product range, a maximum possible flexibility for an individual adjusting to the single requirement was realised. All important components of the SLK press range can be modified perfectly and adjusted to user specific handicaps:
The orientation towards the selection of requirements concerning potential of power
The process limited feeding of the waste or recycling material into the compcating system
The adjustable deciding for the correct bale size A variety of different field specific solutions underline the competence of the DIXI qualified advisers when drawing up exact requirement analysis.

DIXI SLK   30 SLK 40 SLK 50 SLK 60 SLK
Power output kW 16,1 16,1 31,1 31,5
Press force kN 300 400 500 600
Cycle time sek. 29 20 11 13
Opening approx. cm 125 x 73 125 x 73 125 x 73 155 x 100
Bale weight kg 150-250 200 - 350 280 - 500 350 - 600
Bale size approx. cm same--> 80x80x30-160 <--same 110 x 80 x 30 - 160
Dimensions L/W/H approx. cm same--> 600x210x195 <--same 685 x 251 x 197

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Explosion proof version