BiozoneŽ odour neutralizer ensures a fresh, clean smelling environment in the area of compactor operation.

BiozoneŽ has been designed specially to work with refuse compactors and containers. BiozoneŽ is a scientific breakthrough in odour control. It offers the most effective method known of eliminating offensive odours from the refuse. It tackles the problem directly by electronically generating ozone, an activated form of oxygen which breaks down and destroys all osmogens, odour producing molecules, converting them into water vapour and other harmless gases.

BiozoneŽ replaces old odour control methods such as dispersal by fan or masking offensive smells with chemicals or artificial fragrances. These methods do not get at the cause of the problem.

BiozoneŽ eliminates the problem by destroying all bacteria and also inhibits mould growthm assisting in the clean and hygienic maintenance of the compactor area. The ozone is produces in concentrations of up to 15 parts per million, and breaks down in a short time to the normal form of oxygen.

Installing BiozoneŽ
A BiozoneŽ unit may be mounted directly on the refuse compactor or placed in the immediate vicinity, e.g. wall mounting is usual. Flexible hose (65 mm) is used to direct the ozone to the compactor chamber, refuse container or both.


model 1G 2G
external dimension 600X400X200 mm 800X400X200 mm
weight 20 kg 30 kg
power consumpiton 130 W / 220 V 300 W / 220 V
electrical outlet standard electrical plug standard electrical plug
installation wall/compactor wall/compactor
ozone outlet 65 mm hose 2 X 65 mm hose
extension hose flexible RST or ALU hose
recommended use
places with odour problems:
refuse containers, compactors,
pumping stations, composting plants etc.


 Eliminates odours
 No chemicals, no consumables
 Easily connected to the compactor bt flexible hose
 Can also be connected to old compactors
 Plugs into standard electrical outlet
 Low operating costs
 Sturdy design
 Minimal maintenance
 Max 130 watt power consumption


BiozoneŽ is a registered trademark of Kapasity Oy.