FUNCTION: The individually exchangeable, hardened knife discs are mounted on two counter rotating steel shafts. The Knife discs are mounted on the shafts with multiple keys Due to the especially designed and precise manufactured knives the material is drawn in the machine and is cut in defined pieces The machine throughput and particle size of the shredded material is defined by knife width, knife diameter, knife form as well as the installed drive power of the machine.

...USABLE FOR: plastic and steel cans glass barrels, canisters industrial waste wood, food boxes, pallets paper, filled file holders house waste cardboard boxes metal or plastic chips cables, electronic waste car tires foils plastic housings, car pieces etc.

ADVANTAGES: low noise, slow running and sturdy cutting unit bolted machine housing sealing of bearings against liquids, acids and dust fast knife exchange possible, machine is maintenance-friendly extremely low energy consumption overload protection for drive and cutting unit because of electronic torque limitation with reverse controls large variety of knife forms and sizes for adjustment to all kinds of material cutting units in stainless steel.

All machines are completely developed, designed and manufactured in our manufacturing facility. Different layouts and changes on the machines as well as integration of the units in already existing processes can be realized without any difficulties and according to customers' requirements High variations regarding the supply of the material to be shredded as well as further processing of the shredded material are possible. Additional units like lifting devices, infeed and and exit conveyors, presses, press containers, suction devices, granulators etc. can be integrated in the complete plant layout and machine concept.