Scope of supply and technical data:

Frame: 1pc.. Type KS5-2-18-TI with outlet rings (HARDBOX400). The outlets are prepared for later mounting of the knives - rotary as well as fixed knives.
Screw: 2pcs. Steel 44-2 with round iron in special steel with 10 short graters welded on each screw. -1200 Kpm. turning torque -Diameter 500mm -Lenght 1600mm -15 RPM.
Gear: 2pcs. Spur wheel gear Getriebebau NORD type SK 9382ASVG-180M/4 TW FL with gear ratio 100,9:1 Motor: 2pcs. el-motors NORD (Siemens) 180 M4, 18.5kW, with foreign ventilation, directly bolted on spur wheel gear. The motors are for 400 V.
Bearing housing: 2pcs. type SKF or FAG
El-system: 1pc. 1 control box complete consisting of -control box type LOHMEIER G800 -PLC, contractors, selectors and lamps type TELEMACANIQUE -main switches and group switches type LK -fuses type WOHNER -aux. relays type SCHRACK

Dimensions and other technical data for the ACTA-crusher;
Dimensions: Lenght: 1630mm Width: 3440mm Height: 2150mm
Hopper: app. 3.5m3 (incl. bottom pan) Weight: app. 5,800 kg
Noise level: Highest measuring at unloaded machine a 1m distance max. 75dB(A)
Surface treatment: Shot blasting to SA2,5 DS2019. Primer: 75my zinkselicat. Mid coat: 125my epoxy. Final coat: 40my. Colour: green or acc. to customer's specification.
Documentation: The machine is supplied with two sets of operating manual in English.